Rosso San Giovanni
Visual assessment:
Visual assessment: Intense red, with no-excessive garnet reflexes;
Olfactory character: Intriguing aromatic character composed of vanilla, dried prune, cherry and eucalyptus aromas;
Taste: Well balanced, well structure. The wine has excellent prospective of ageing.
Vine Growing
Grape variety: Cabernet
Place of growing: San Giovanni di Motta di Livenza
Type of soil: Heavy clayey soil
Vineyards exposition: South-West
Pruning system: Guyot
Agronomics practises: The leaves which surround the grape are partially stripped off at the beginning of the ripening
Grapes production/hectare: 70 quintals
Cellar Work
Wine making: 30 days of maceration with the skins
Preservation: The wine is aged into wood barrels for 12 months
Alcohol strenght: 13%
Temperatures °C: 16-18°C
Wine-food combining: Roast meat, braised beef and cheese
Glass: Ample-bodied glass, as Bordeaux glass
Wine-list how to indicate it: Rosso San Giovanni Veneto IGT Trevisan

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