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A wine vocation
which bases its roots in the past:

The Trevisan's wine cellars originates at the end of '800, when Paolo Trevisan had the idea and strength to build a wine cellar in San Giovanni di Motta di Livenza.
The business idea and philosophy of production were then carried rofward by his son Carlo, which had important confirmations on the vocations and potential wine quality of the raw material that the ground produced.
Only in the fifties the
Trevisan's wine cellars had its important development under the guidance of Mario and Emilio, respectively uncle and father of Roberto and Michele, current holders of the Company.
Roberto today combine tradition and technology innovation, with the principles of seriousness and professionalism that have marked inthe time the
Trevisan's wine cellars.

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News and Events:

A premium Trevisan

Vinitaly 2005 was awarded the "Great Mention"Chardonnay 2004 of our cellar.
The prize underlines the particular quality of product presented by the company.